2023 Public Transportation & Transportation Disadvantaged Awareness Day

Thursday, March 16, 2023 | Tallahassee

Legislative Day Logos

Event Details

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event. All events will take place at the south end of the Capitol Courtyard. There will be an event tent where you can check in and/or ask questions.

Driving Directions / Parking

Please click this link to open/print a pdf of all driving directions to the Capitol. You can also open/print this pdf for parking in the area.

Capitol Grounds Map and Accessibility:
Please click this link to open/print a map of the Capitol Grounds. Our event will be in the south end of the Capitol Courtyard next to the Senate building. This document can be printed to find all accessible areas.


No matter what any forecast says, plan for the Courtyard area to be windy. It never fails! You’ll need to make sure any paper display items are contained or weighted down.

It is also typically chilly in the morning, so plan to dress in layers. In the event of rain, we will move under the Senate Portico area.


Vehicle displays, tent/table set-up, beverage trailer
John Irvine, CTD – (850) 570-3961 cell

Exhibit tables or general questions
Amy Keys, FPTA – (850) 980-3903 cell
Lisa Bacot, FPTA – (850) 445-8329 cell

Vehicle Display Instructions

  • Please arrive at the Capitol anywhere between 7:40 – 8:00 AM.
  • Have no more than a half of tank of fuel in your vehicle.

Vehicles must exit the courtyard area as soon as possible after the event concludes at approximately 1:30 PM.

Vehicle Entrance

Entrance for Vehicle Displays

All vehicles arriving for display in the Capitol Courtyard must access the Capitol through the guard gate at S. Monroe St. (Hwy. 27). It is just south of the historic Capitol building on your right-hand side if you are heading south.

Vehicle Entrance

Vehicle Display Area

Once you clear the guard gate, drive straight ahead and the area pictured above with the red bricks is where your vehicle will be displayed. This is the south end of the Capitol Courtyard by the Senate building.

A staff member from FPTA or CTD will be present to direct you where to park. Make sure to remove your keys from the vehicle. 

Table Displays

Please have your table display set up by 9:30 AM.

ALL table displays will be outside in the south end of the Capitol Courtyard. A table and two chairs will be provided. We do not provide table cloths. Please pick any open table that you like as we do not assign the tables.

Vehicle Entrance

Table Display Setup

It is typical to walk 2-3 blocks from where you find parking. A rolling cart of some type is advisable to transport your display items. Also, please assume the Courtyard area will be anywhere from breezy to windy as this is very typical.